Biometric Time Clocks

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Accurately monitor your workforce

Accurately monitor your workforce with our advanced biometric fingerprint technology. Improve payroll accuracy and company profitability by eliminating error and fraud. Ideal for busy bar, wait and security staff, roster systems, flexi-time and other working patterns.

The TIMEMachine

The Time Machine is used to keep track of personnel activities including time worked, security clearance, permissions, employee identity verification, and more. Time Machine keeps track of time worked by employees via biometrics technology. This product can manage a few or many hundreds of workers asking for not more but one touch of a finger.

Time and Attendence

By simply placing their finger on the scanner, times and names of your employees are automatically captured. Biometric device eliminate buddy punching and ensures that each person is actually at work when they claim to be at work. The back office software allows editing, verifying, and reporting on all clock-ins and clock-outs and work times.

The low maintenance TIMEMachine requires only a power point and a PC connection to enable your staff to securely record their coming or leaving the work. The stylish design allows you to mount your TIMEMachine in the place that is most effective for your business even if it is in view of your clients. The TIMEMachine easily integrates with accounting software.

Time and Attendence