2018 The Year Of Epic Events.

Do you want 2018 to be your venue’s year of epic events? Whether you’re operating a café, restaurant, hotel or function space, with these handy event tips, you’ll be on track to making your special events a real hit, both in reality and in the world of social media! Immersive Selfie Experiences Did you [...]

No longer just CCTV….

If you are a licensed venue, it’s safe to assume that you have a CCTV system in place.  But have you ever considered your CCTV to be more than just a tool for surveilling suspicious activities? The new age video surveillance technologies can also provide business intelligence such as patron. If you are a licensed venue, it’s [...]

How to Prepare Your Venue for New Year’s Eve

Over the festive season, alcohol intake in Australia triples and restaurants enter one of the busiest times of year when it comes to bookings. However, customer expectations over this busy period are a little different than they are at other times of the year. For instance, the crowd that you draw in on New Year’s [...]

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Your paperless signup app.

Throw away the old paper membership signup forms and get JoinApp.  Bepoz's latest app removes the need for deciphering hand writing and other manual data entry methods to register new members. What you get. Paper-less sign up Instant member registration Integrated with Bepoz Single/multi-site operation Customisable to match your branding User-friendly Content Managment System For [...]

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Spreading the Christmas Joy….and increasing your bookings.

By time the festive season rolls around, you’ll probably notice a natural increase in demand, however, extra steps can be taken to ensure you get the most out of the Christmas rush at your venue – namely, Christmas functions! Here, we run you through some of the most effective ways to promote your restaurant this [...]

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Food trends, where do they come from?

Once a food fads that didn't seem to last, is a now food trends that can make or break your business.  Being on trend can mean continued growth for your venue and some venues are basing their whole existence on different trends. Poke, toasties, burgers are they hear to stay? Restaurant and Catering look at [...]

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And the winner is

Congratulations to The Brewer's Table in Seymour.  They are the winners of our 'Our Shout' promotion winning back their Bepoz Point Of Sale.  It was so great to have Carmen and her team in the office last week for training so we got to present the prize in person. This awesome little venue in Seymour [...]

A New Era of Customer Engagement at Clubs and Gaming Venues

New and developing technology is driving the concept of customer engagement programs in the hospitality industry. But, given the current proliferation of technology that’s available to hospitality businesses, how can you tell which type is right for your club? One of the biggest areas clubs and gaming venues are focusing their resources on are loyalty [...]

5 tips for Throwing a Spring Racing Carnival Event

Running from September to late November, the Spring Racing Carnival is a big part of Australia’s culture. The fashion, the flair, and the fun – what’s not to love! One of the best ways restaurants and venues can capitalise on the Melbourne Cup is by hosting an exclusive Melbourne Cup or Spring Racing event. You [...]