Beat the queues for happy staff and happier customers!

Paging technology can help boost service levels dramatically. Many venues recognise pager technology
as one of the most efficient and cost effective forms of communication.



This revolutionary pager technology frees up valuable time to manage your restaurant, not your restaurant paging system. The restaurant pagers work well in noisy environments where overhead paging may be inefficient and help improve guest satisfaction.

Program pagers wirelessly
Increased guest mobility within your venue
Reduced congestion at the bar or reception
Automatic out of range alert
Easy, convenient battery replacement
Light weight yet high quality build



This intelligent pager technology is great for improving customer service. High quality components and ultra rugged design mean fewer dropped pages and greater durability.

Sleek new design for easy portability
Increased guest mobility within your venue
Reduced congestion at the bar or reception
Built-in Wait-Time Estimator – waiter paging system
Table status tracking
Automatic out of range alert
Automatic renumberings



With Vectron’s waiter paging system, staff are instantly notified when food is ready for pickup from the kitchen – while it’s still hot and fresh. Waiter paging allows your staff to spend more quality time with guests, selling more and keeping customers satisfied while food is being prepared.

Auto recall feature to alert servers three times
All page option for staff announcements
Manager button to quickly page managers on duty
User replaceable, rechargeable batteries
Unique system ID avoids interference from other paging systems
Rugged build to withstand harsh restaurant conditions

“We use Vectron paging systems in our kitchens, the Chefs love them! They ensure that our customers receive prompt service and hot food.”
Pota Sakkas, Mr Grazier, Melbourne
“We researched our POS options extensively for our hotel. Vectron gave us the best mix of features, flexibility and value for money. The system gave us the flexibility of reporting we needed for our business. The software was tailored to reflect our very diverse business exactly. To date Vectron have given us excellent support and attention”.
Jonny Armstrong, Operations Manager, GV Hotel, Shepparton
“Flow meters on bulk beers and hard wired sprits, helped us reduce costs due to training and spillage issues. Every time someone pours a beer it tracks how much has been poured vs. the actual sales. We can drill down as look at the actual time the variance happens such as a spillage, poor training, honesty etc. This system probably paid for itself in nine months in terms of reduced liquor costs”.
Jay Mitchell, GM, Hoppers Club, Melbourne
“This is the third venue I have done with them, they take their time to know you as a client, have many options and price ranges you can choose from. The owners were great; they picked our brains and suggested which system could meet our needs”
Max Fink, Owner, Naked for Satan, Melbourne
“I have come to rely on team Vectron for the best in Hospitality systems. Vecton’s mobile devices have driven sales beyond expectations, as staff are no longer WAITers they are SELLers, capturing customers needs on the spot.”
Daniel Quattrocchi, Manager, Giorgios, Melbourne
“I am yet to find a company to show the same integrity as Vectron. The system that is currently employed in four of our businesses is simple to setup and function on a day to day basis and the reporting is unrivalled.”
Paul Lew, Operations Manager, Melbourne Pub Group
“Our sister venues operate with this POS and have nothing but praise for the system. We decided that opening a new venue was hard enough and that a till system needed to be easy to integrate and easy to learn. Vectron POS ticked all the boxes.”
Matt Swann, Operations Manager, Royal Saxon, Melbourne
“I would whole heartedly suggest any medium to large size venue who is serious about accountability, speed and robustness to consider this POS. It has just made my working life so much easier.”
Michael Roszbach, Bar Manager, Cookie, Melbourne

Restaurant Pagers easily manage any busy hospitality venue

Join the hundreds of hospitality providers who have experienced the benefits of Vectron’s advanced paging systems. Our smart pagers make it easy for you to communicate with your patrons, and your patrons to contact you, boosting service and efficiencies. We offer basic coaster paging units, advanced pages and staff paging systems.

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