Following on from our Food Trends taking Melbourne by storm this week were looking at wine…. And just like food menus can get stale if you don’t update them or introduce new specials, your wine menu and house selections can get boring if you’re not keeping up-to-date with the latest wine trends.

Remember when cupcakes were all the phase? Now it’s all about loaded milkshakes and cronuts. Once upon a time a simple menu of house wines, plus a few pricey classics would have done the trick, now, more than ever, restaurant and bar goers are looking for more variety and more innovation in their wine choices.

So, what’s 2017’s ideal wine menu look like? A little something like this:

Wine Slushies
Wine consumption of millenials has increased tenfold over the past few years, with 28% of the younger generation drinking wine daily. What do millenials like the most? Blended foods and drinks, of course – hence why wine slushies have become the perfect addition to your drink specials menu.

A refreshing combination of wine, fruit and ice will be a best seller, especially on days when the weather is nice, and on weekends when the youth of Australia head out for their night on the town.

Sustainable, Organic Varieties
Sustainable and organic wine varieties were a niche market in 2016, but the popularity of these minimal intervention wines is growing as more and more people are turning towards fresher, more naturally made wine.

Made in a more holistic manner, natural wines are playing a big part in the sustainability movement.

Take a Tour of France in one Sip
French wine has been proving popular by consumers across the world, as sales have been driven up in parts of America and across Australia, and it’s not hard to see why – the French know their wine!

Is English Sparkling Wine the New Champagne?
While Champagne will always be the celebratory drink of choice, English Sparkling Wine is delicious, interesting, challenging, and complex. It seems English winemakers are learning from the mistakes of the French Champagne experts, since as of late, vintage Champagnes are being released too young, and too green, which is reflected in the palate, while English Sparkling has really been upping its game.

A good wine menu should be made up of a house favourite, some classics, and a selection of trend-setting varieties. If you check all of these boxes, your establishment will attract wine connoisseurs and millenials alike. So whether you’re a local pub or fine dining restaurant there’s a niche wine trend to suit your clientele and can be easily managed by Vectron Point of Sale solutions. Call today for a demo 1300 832 876  or email