Bepoz Subscription Agreement

  1. The weekly fee is payable one month in advance by Direct Debit. Should the fee not be paid the Bepoz program will not operate, as we will accept non-payment as advice that you do not wish to continue using the program.

As an alternative option, a six monthly advanced payment can be made via bank transfer. This will be processed in December for the billing period January to June and June for the billing period July to December, every year the subscription is activated.

  1. Attempting to void, break, bypass or in other ways defraud the licenser, or the authors, of their fee will be deemed as an attempt to unlawfully steal the code and unlawfully use it without payment. Appropriate legal action will be taken.
  2. The software is offered as is. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the package for their business and it is accepted that the user has paid due diligence to the selection process before selecting Bepoz.
  3. Errors or faults in the system causing it to mal-operate or not operate in accordance within its published performance parameters will be corrected by the authors as quickly as possible after written notification of the problem is received by them.
  4. The licence code is provided monthly once the Direct Debit has been taken.
  5. The licence fee does not cover telephone training, repairs, field support and/or training of staff not present during initial training. It does exclude any modules that are not part of the initial contract and training.
  6. The subscription fee includes version upgrades of the software. The subscription does not include media, new version related training and implementation services nor the professional services time to upgrade the customer to the new version. These components are charged at an hourly rate.
  7. All HO (Head Office) subscriptions require a live subscription for the initial set up. Charges for each location linked to HO apply from the day the subscription for the location is turned on, which is day one of the set up phase and prior to the actual venue going live.
  8. The subscription and all its modules are charged monthly, regardless of the billing and payment methods.
  9. A cancellation of the subscription or any of the modules does not entitle to a refund for any remaining days of that billing month. One month notice is required for any cancellation and must be made in writing to
  10. Any request of activation for additional modules does incur a charge for configuration, implementation and training. All requests must be made in writing to