I also love the Vectron service – in a fast-moving business, solving problems quickly is vital.
Brent Casey – Lakeside Mill Pakenham

One of the great things about working for Vectron is the number of times people name service and support as their number one reason for using our Point of Sale systems. They may – and they do – love the design and features of our POS interfaces, the power of our reporting and notification tools, and so on. But any battle-tested hospitality manager can tell you from bitter experience that it’s when things go wrong that a Point of Sale (POS) provider really shows their mettle.

Hospitality is a fast-paced business, and POS is the hub around which it revolves. Problems using a POS can seriously damage trading performance, and getting them fixed quickly is vital. Just knowing that competent help will be at hand should anything go wrong takes a big weight off a manager’s shoulders.

So what’s our secret, how have we built a customer service and support team that is trusted by over 3000 plus venues across Australia.

Experienced Hospitality Professionals – 200 years in fact.
Providing good service is, above all else, a state of mind. Simply having the technical competence to fix any aspect of our product is a necessary precondition for good service, but it is far from sufficient.

  • Show a natural inclination to solve problems,
  • Show an ability to recognise the wider implications of a service problem,
  • Show an ability to think in terms of outcomes, rather than processes,
  • Show an ability to educate on issues, preventing further problems,
  • Show a proactive approach to service and support,

Communication and Back up
A call for support is not just one individual’s concern at Vectron.  Every call we receive has a team of support staff that back each other up.   The team is connected and communicates together to ensure the best outcome for our clients.  And it doesn’t just stop at our support staff, our sales team works closely with the support team to ensure our customers’ expectations are met, not matter how unique they might be.

Even with over 200 years of experience our support team (including our Operations Director) are constantly learning from each case that we log.  POS technology is constantly changing, so does the need for our teams knowledge.  From new upgrades to our systems, third party integrations and new operating procedures within a venue there is always something new to learn.  Ongoing learning ensures our customers are getting the best from their POS solution.

Good support doesn’t just come from technical knowledge, a level of care and personal attachment is paramount to achieving positive customer outcomes.