At Vectron we always prided ourselves on building long term partnerships with venues.

In 1992 one of our first partnerships was with Guy Grossi at his then restaurant Café Grossi in South Yarra. Our business relationship since then has spanned well over a decade from Café Grossi to his flagship restaurant and one of Melbourne’s finest, Grossi Florentino.

As our business has grown so have those of our partners. Our scalable solution has helped businesses grow from strength to strength.  The Zouki Group operate cafes and convenience stores in the hospital sector. We provided their first POS, in their first café, they now have over 40 venues all operating with our centralised head office point of sale that includes loyalty and marketing modules.

vectron pos values customers

In 2001 our first Vectron customer was a small café, Beetle Café in Dandenong, we sold them a Vectron touch screen imported from Germany. The excitement was huge, we knew then that we were going places and our business would help change the hospitality industry. To this day while Beetle Café has changed hands the business still operates using our system.

Today like our customers our business has evolved (one we no longer sell cash registers) into a technology company providing Point of Sale developed by leading providers around the world such as Vectron and Bepoz (our sister company) right here on our doorstep in Sydney.

We have over 3000+ hospitality venues across Australia trusting us to run their Point of Sale. Our customers now include some of Australia’s biggest and best known clubs and hotels, with no cash registers, but an advanced integrated Point of Sale systems running stock control, marketing, loyalty, reporting and everything in between.

But don’t think we’ve forgotten where we’ve come from, every couple of months Kris our CEO swings by Beetle Café or visits Guy Grossi just to say ‘Hi’.

We’ve grown but we haven’t forgotten those that gave us a chance.

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