Providing Peace of Mind for Your Customers Self Ordering At Table

Allow your customers to order at the table on their own device.

Eliminate the need for printed menus and queues at the counter.
Comply with social distancing regulations and keep your staff and customers safe.

“We went live with our online ordering solution that’s integrated with our Bepoz Point of Sale system last week and saw a huge increase in our average order value. We had an increase in revenue of over 30% compared to previous weeks and saw the online orders had an average $ value 3 x greater than orders taken over the phone. We set our online order intervals to be 7 minutes apart which allowed our kitchen to smoothly fulfil orders through the peak periods. A great result, we are very happy.”

“I love that we can sell both food and beverage online and that everything is seamlessly integrated. No separate tablet system to watch for online orders, or separate accounting system entries to process due to sales coming in from another platform”.

Australia’s Trusted Contactless Restaurant Table Ordering Software

Bring your hospitality business into the modern day with Vectron’s contactless restaurant ordering system, by Bepoz. Our innovative software allows your customers to order at the table with their own device, minimising contact between staff and patrons while still providing efficient service. Vectron’s contactless restaurant table ordering system, by Bepoz, is easy to set up and seamless to use.

Designed to help your customers order precisely what they want with just a few taps on their phone, its not only time and cost-efficient but also eliminates the need for printed menus. Get your free demo today or call us on 1300 832 876 to see how our app can work for your business.

Vectron urges all businesses to follow social distancing regulations to keep your staff and customers safe.

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Helping you keep your staff and customers safe

As a restaurant or café owner, it can feel challenging to enforce safe social distancing rules while still providing excellent customer service. With Vectron’s restaurant self-ordering system, however, we help you tick both boxes with ease. Our order-taking app eliminates the need for your wait staff to be on the floor or at the register taking customer orders. 

Not only does this minimise the risk of disease transmission, but it also allows your employees to focus on other essential tasks. By reducing the time customers spend waiting to order, you can provide a more efficient service overall. In addition to this, our restaurant table ordering system is fully customisable. Have peace of mind knowing that you can adapt your app to suit your changing needs, whether that be adding or removing menu items, offering weekly or daily specials or providing detailed allergen information. All this and more is why over 3000 hospitality businesses throughout Australia choose Vectron’s online ordering and table ordering app.

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