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“Vectron’s vouchering and promotion solutions has provided the business with fantastic customised and targeted campaigns. We are continually growing our membership base with the integrated member database, backed with powerful reporting analytics.”
David Canny, Owner, Red Lion Hotel, Ballarat
“We’ve been with Vectron for many years now and they have always provided great service and support. They have always provided stable and reliable solutions for our needs.”
Guy Grossi, Owner, Grossi Florentino, Melbourne
“Vectron’s POS system has enabled us to run all aspects of the hotel more efficiently, providing table service in the bistro, easier operations for back office staff, promotion management and membership communications.”
Tony Eastmure, Barwon Heads Hotel, Barwon Heads
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“Daily reports have become an important part of how I manage my business. I see exactly how things are going with every aspect of the venue and plan my day accordingly.”
George Ramia, Owner, Sphinx Hotel, Geelong
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“It works, it is powerful and staff are comfortable with the system. The system gives us the flexibility to manage and keep track of all of our venues through one system”.
Gerard Anderson, Owner, Caboose Canteen, La Vita Buona, Melbourne
“Vectron has provided us with two great solutions – Point of Sale and CCTV – both fully integrated. Throughout the entire process they listened to our concerns and ensured the changes were well managed.”
Robbie Beaton, Doyles Bridge Hotel, Melbourne
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“Design and looks are very important to the look of Code Black. The tills designs haven’t compromised the look of our café’s. The sleek look, along with great functionality have been great for our building our business.”
Bridie Manson, Operations Manager, Code Black, Melbourne
“This is the third venue I have done with them, they take their time to know you as a client, have many options and price ranges you can choose from. The owners were great; they picked our brains and suggested which system could meet our needs”
Max Fink, Owner, Naked for Satan, Melbourne
“I would whole heartedly suggest any medium to large size venue who is serious about accountability, speed and robustness to consider this POS. It has just made my working life so much easier.”
Cookie, Melbourne
“Flow meters on bulk beers and hard wired sprits, helped us reduce costs due to training and spillage issues. Every time someone pours a beer it tracks how much has been poured vs. the actual sales. We can drill down as look at the actual time the variance happens such as a spillage, poor training, honesty etc. This system probably paid for itself in nine months in terms of reduced liquor costs”.
Hoppers Club, Melbourne
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“We approached Vectron with an aim to bring in a better POS system and in the process got sold on their CCTV surveillance system too – together they give us the right level of visibility and control. Patrons feel much more secure with the CCTV upgrade, and evidence shows that it is a highly effective deterrent of pilferage and violence.”
Wayne Sharp, Owner, Lake View Hotel, Ballarat
“Vecton’s outstanding features for my business are – the software operates ‘live’ – in real-time and the alert features. When we make a change to any aspect of the business, it’s updated immediately across the board. And the alert features are great in advising us on anything that’s happened outside of the boundaries we’ve set, such as a no sale or increase in supplier invoice.”
Casey Brent Summerville, The Lakeside Mill, Melbourne
“I have come to rely on team Vectron for the best in Hospitality systems. Vectron’s mobile devices have driven sales beyond expectations, as staff are no longer WAITers they are SELLers, capturing customers needs on the spot.”
Daniel Quattrocchi, Manager, Giorgios, Melbourne
“Our sister venues operate with this POS and have nothing but praise for the system. We decided that opening a new venue was hard enough and that a till system needed to be easy to integrate and easy to learn. Vectron POS ticked all the boxes.”
Matt Swann, Operations Manager, Royal Saxon, Melbourne
“I am yet to find a company to show the same integrity as Vectron. The system that is currently employed in four of our businesses is simple to setup and function on a day to day basis and the reporting is unrivalled.”
Melbourne Pub Group, Melbourne
“Vectron has provided a great system well suited to my business, it’s elevated my business to the next level”.
Shaun Sleiman, Seafood D'lite
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“We actually use Vectron paging systems in our kitchens, the Chefs love them. They ensure our customers receive prompt service and hot food.”
Pota Sakkas, Mr Grazier, Melbourne
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“Vectron’s support is very reliable. All queries, however minor, have always been answered within 24 hours.
Carmel Sullivan, Carmel's Bar & Grill
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“Vectron’s Point of Sale has reduced my customer waiting time by a third. And the support has been first class over the 13 years that I’ve been with Vectron.”
Joe Mirabella, Mirabella's of Doncaster
“Vectron’s back office, particularly the purchasing tools, have saved me approximately 6 hours a week.”
Paul Walters, Garden of Eden Fruit Suppliers
“Thinking of opening a business, any size, speak to the team at Vectron and get the function and usability for all you needs without the fuss”
Nuri Sadiku, Small Plates
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