From memberships to functions, events and more, our Clubs Point of Sale system will put you back in control of your venue.


High-End POS Systems for Easier Management of Sports Clubs and Hotels

The Vectron POS system is built with one purpose in mind – to free up your time so that you can focus on the more important things – growth and profitability. Running a bar, sports club or country club relies on the quality of your customer service. Reliable, fast transactions are an imperative and our software ensures your customers receive the best possible experience each and every time. A Vectron club POS system isn’t simply a way to make your customers pay, it is a comprehensive solution that makes life easier for your staff, enabling them to provide service that your customers will love.

Inbuilt Marketing & Membership

  • Targeted promotions, vouchers, discounts
  • Customer analysis – birthdays, anniversaries, visits
  • Earn/redeem membership & gaming loyalty points
  • Self-management via kiosk (optional)

Stock Control

  • PLU free product management
  • Real-time management of stock
  • FIFO or average stock control
  • Automated purchase order creation

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

  • Powerful yet flexible back office
  • Inbuilt customised reporting
  • Proactive analytics and alerts
  • Web and App monitoring reports

Centralised Management

  • Real-time connection across all locations
  • Consolidate data analysis and graphic reporting
  • Centralised  menus, promotions, pricing etc
  • Easy Point of Sale roll out across mutiple locations

Advanced Integrations

  • Gaming – Konami, Aristocrat, etc
  • Accounting – MYOB, Xero, etc
  • Bar Tabs – Clipp, OneTab
  • Payment – Tyro, Tap & go

Full Function POS Tablets

  • POS integrated IP CCTV system
  • Complete tracking of sales, stock, staff
  • Full implementation and commissioning
  • Stand-alone CCTV upgrades available

Those are just some of our Club POS features, there are plenty more

  • Advanced reporting
  • Web reports on the go
  • Smart analytics
  • Specials and combo deals
  • Automated stock control
  • All payment types supported
  • Easy bar tab setup
  • Split bills with a click of a button
  • Remote printing to bar/kitchen/barista
  • Mobile POS tablets for seamless ordering
  • Loyalty card management
  • Built-in marketing & promotions tools
  • Numerous 3rd party integrations
  • Robust hardware made to last
  • Scalability for multi venue management
  • Integrated digital order screen
  • Software only option available
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Flexible finance options
  • Ongoing training
  • Highest level of security
“It works, it is powerful and staff are comfortable with the system. The system gives us the flexibility to manage and keep track of all of our venues through one system”.
Gerard Anderson, Owner, Caboose Canteen, La Vita Buona

“We researched our POS options extensively for our hotel. Vectron gave us the best mix of features, flexibility and value for money. The system gave us the flexibility of reporting we needed for our business. The software was tailored to reflect our very diverse business exactly. To date Vectron have given us excellent support and attention”.

Operations Manager, GV Hotel, Shepparton
“Flow meters on bulk beers and hard wired sprits, helped us reduce costs due to training and spillage issues. Every time someone pours a beer it tracks how much has been poured vs. the actual sales. We can drill down as look at the actual time the variance happens such as a spillage, poor training, honesty etc. This system probably paid for itself in nine months in terms of reduced liquor costs”.
Hoppers Club, Melbourne
“This is the third venue I have done with them, they take their time to know you as a client, have many options and price ranges you can choose from. The owners were great; they picked our brains and suggested which system could meet our needs”
Max Fink, Owner, Naked for Satan, Melbourne
“I have come to rely on team Vectron for the best in Hospitality systems. Vecton’s mobile devices have driven sales beyond expectations, as staff are no longer WAITers they are SELLers, capturing customers needs on the spot.”
Daniel Quattrocchi, Manager, Giorgios, Melbourne
“I am yet to find a company to show the same integrity as Vectron. The system that is currently employed in four of our businesses is simple to setup and function on a day to day basis and the reporting is unrivalled.”
Melbourne Pub Group, Melbourne
“Our sister venues operate with this POS and have nothing but praise for the system. We decided that opening a new venue was hard enough and that a till system needed to be easy to integrate and easy to learn. Vectron POS ticked all the boxes.”
Matt Swann, Operations Manager, Royal Saxon, Melbourne
“I would whole heartedly suggest any medium to large size venue who is serious about accountability, speed and robustness to consider this POS. It has just made my working life so much easier.”
Cookie, Melbourne

Create a winning culture with our comprehensive Club POS system

A good Club needs good management. There’s no better system for the centralised management of your memberships, promotions, real time stock control, cash flow, incomings, outgoings and much more than Vectron’s specially designed POS system for Clubs. From golf, sporting and country clubs to hotels, we are a leading provider of comprehensive management and point of sale systems for the Australian hospitality industry. Our solutions ensure your team can do their job to the best of their ability and make them proud to be a part of your organisation.

Sports and golf clubs, country clubs and hotels – a versatile hospitality POS system

Whether you represent a sporting club, community group, cultural organisation, hobby guild or any other sort of established union, league or society, or purpose-built advanced club POS system is guaranteed to streamline management processes. It has been designed with user-experience in mind, both from your customer’s point of view and your own. A Vectron POS system in your club will free you up to focus on other important aspects. Club POS systems offer advanced integration options, analytic reporting and 24/7 support, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

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