What key features does Bepoz POS provide?
The powerful Bepoz POS system provides full integration between an intuitive front of house to back office giving unmatched control over business operations.  Management of stock movements, staff and cash flow is easier with real time alerts available from each till.   Smart alerts are real time alerts customised by you based on your requirements.  Get alerts on stock discrepancies, or no sales when they happen, not at the end of the day.

Simple communication between venues ie kitchen and bistro, bar and bistro?
Communication between order taking and the kitchen has never been easier with fully customisable touch screen layouts, upselling and daily specials management is fully automated.  Multiple remote printing from POS to kitchen or bar, orders are even automatically redirected to another printer if paper runs out.

Do you have table management?
Yes. Table management has unlimited features that let staff move, join, split and change table sizes and layouts for a single area or multiple dining areas right at the POS terminal.  Tracking of service at tables includes time between courses, waiter visits to table and length of stay.

What about marketing and promotions? Does Bepoz have these features?
Additional tools such as memberships, vouchers, loyalty, and raffles are must haves for any hotel.  With Bepoz POS these features are inbuilt modules not third party integrations.  Incorporating marketing module to any venues assists in increasing customer spend, visit and loyalty.  These are easily managed by creating flexible automated marketing and promotional activities.

Can I get customised reporting on all aspects of my venue?
Analysing and reporting tasks give accuracy of how a promotional activity has performed, saving time and creating good campaigns every time.

Were sure you’ve got more questions so for more information visit our pos for hotels or more information an intelligent POS system can help your business be more profitable, contact the experts at Vectron today sales@vectron.com.au or 1300 832 876.