FAQ’s for a hotel Point of Sale

What key features does Bepoz POS provide? The powerful Bepoz POS system provides full integration between an intuitive front of house to back office giving unmatched control over business operations.  Management of stock movements, staff and cash flow is easier with real time alerts available from each till.   Smart alerts are real time alerts customised [...]

And the winner is

Congratulations to The Brewer's Table in Seymour.  They are the winners of our 'Our Shout' promotion winning back their Bepoz Point Of Sale.  It was so great to have Carmen and her team in the office last week for training so we got to present the prize in person. This awesome little venue in Seymour [...]

A New Era of Customer Engagement at Clubs and Gaming Venues

New and developing technology is driving the concept of customer engagement programs in the hospitality industry. But, given the current proliferation of technology that’s available to hospitality businesses, how can you tell which type is right for your club? One of the biggest areas clubs and gaming venues are focusing their resources on are loyalty [...]

5 tips for Throwing a Spring Racing Carnival Event

Running from September to late November, the Spring Racing Carnival is a big part of Australia’s culture. The fashion, the flair, and the fun – what’s not to love! One of the best ways restaurants and venues can capitalise on the Melbourne Cup is by hosting an exclusive Melbourne Cup or Spring Racing event. You [...]

How to Attract More Millennials to Your Venue

We've spoken about Millennials before, how they operate in terms of technology and buying behaviours, but how do you attract this cohort to your venue.   We know the Australian Millennials visit restaurants and cafes more than any other age group, and it looks like Gen Z is keen to follow in their footsteps. Millennials account [...]

Oktoberfest Celebrations Get Ready…

Once upon a time, Oktoberfest was a traditional celebration in Munich to commemorate a royal wedding. Then it was a great chance to hold a horse race. Now, it’s a great chance for people from across the globe to drink German bier and eat traditional German-inspired hot dogs and giant pretzels. Sounds great, right? But, [...]

Switch to a better POS today …. and WIN

As a small business owner you’re probably still doing a lot of manual operational tasks thinking you can’t afford the technology to optimise. Well now you can. With Bepoz Point of Sale software All your front of house transactions are handled simply and efficiently through to your kitchen. Stock control and ordering become a [...]

Should You Make Your Venue Pet-Friendly?

If you run a restaurant or café, the answer is a resounding yes! Marketers and venue operators from across the country are starting to jump on the animal wagon, and consumers love it! You may have noticed a few cat cafes popping up in Melbourne and Sydney, or heard of restaurants in France, Italy and [...]

How Facebook Can Help Your Bakery Grow.

Whether you want more foot traffic in your store, more sales, or just want to develop a name for yourself in the Facebook/online community, a successful business page on Facebook will be an invaluable resource for your bakery business. Largely regarded as one of the best, cheapest platforms for businesses to reach their audiences, and [...]

Tools To Manage Your Front of House.

Whether you’re just starting out as a restaurateur, or you’re refining your current systems to improve your front of house operations, there are a few things you’ll need to think about. For instance: How will you take reservations? How will you keep track of orders? How will you keep track of, and manage, each table? Plus, [...]

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