Report Wizard the inbuilt POS reporting module designed to open the door to the power that is Bepoz.  It’s all set up right there on the toolbar to give you some great reporting tools.

Our Report Wizard feature contains a list of pre-created reports that makes finding the report you’re looking for easier, while also incorporating a ‘saved reports’ functionality, ensuring your reporting system is as easy to use as possible.

Each report is categorised and displayed with a brief description of what the report does, making accessing any number of reports that will help you better understand your business’s successes and failures a straightforward process.

In this system, you will be able to:

  • Import a new Wizard report or saved report
  • Export a report
  • Delete or edit reports

In one easy-to-use place, you can view reports that relate to operators, products, accounts, venues, stores, cash registers, suppliers, and much more. This means that you’ll have access to all of the data you need to make informed operating decisions in terms of what you order, how you staff your venue, how you organise your marketing events, and much more!

Extra Stock Reporting Capabilities

The above listed reports just cover one aspect of Bepoz’s reporting capabilities. A good quality POS system will also be able to provide you with reports that cover everything from you table sales, and any price changes, as well as stock reports that provide access to daily sales, till balance, transaction journals and product summaries.

When researching which stock reporting and POS system is the best option for you and your businesses needs, also keep your eye out for things like stocktake reports, which can help you not just on a daily basis but also with your businesses overall stock control processes in the long-term.


As well as general stock reporting, one of the key aspects of an advanced reporting platform is its analytics capabilities. This will allow you to look at sales versus your stock-on-hand, and to then generate purchase orders or recommendations for future stock ordering. It’s through your POS system’s analytics that you’ll be able to gather all of your reporting and determine what is and isn’t working in your hospitality business.

Flexible and powerful, the reporting software available from Bepoz will allow you to export your reports in MS Excel or CSV formats, or you can manage your reports directly through your businesses customised point of sale dashboard. Want to learn more about the software that could make your daily operations more seamless and effective? Contact the team at Bepoz today!