Move over cronuts and smashed avo on toast, there’s a new set of hot food trends in town. From old-favourites, to the weird and wacky, yet slightly wonderful offerings that are making waves across the country, 2017 is proving to be another big year for the hospitality industry.

Homemade Goodness
After the home-style cooking seen on My Kitchen Rules graced our screens late last year/early this year, restaurant owners have seen a shift in public interest towards more humble menu offerings.

Diners are seeking food they could cook at home, but executed to a much higher, restaurant-level standard. So think designer chicken parmas with interesting condiments and flavour combinations, or even healthy on trend fish and chips, with chains like Mrs Parmas or Hunky Dory going through an expansion, this return to home cooked goodness will be more accessible over the coming months, and years.

Single source of menu
Many restaurants are now focusing scaling down their offering and focusing on working with one particular region. Pure South Dining have built an amazing reputation on working with producers of world class produce from Tasmania from farmers to fishermen.

A New Way to Eat Dessert
Ice cream cones are so 2016… Quirky, yet delicious, ice cream is now being served up in everything from doughnuts, to fish-shaped waffle cones from Zero Degrees in Sydney; the days of a plain ice cream cup or cone are long gone. Look out Melbourne.

Fresh Eating
Setting taste buds ablaze in establishments across the country, fresh eating menus, especially designer salads, will be taking over the Instagram feeds of urbanites and country dwellers alike. Liv-Eat out of Tasmania is setting the bar and expanding to a state near you.

Recyclable Food
Here us out. We’re not talking about the scraps from people’s plates being served up as dinner – the zero waste trend looks at minimising waste from kitchen scraps.

From making jam from rejected fruit to creating dishes using kitchen leftovers that would ordinarily be thrown out, we certainly hope this trend is here to stay!

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