Make the most of a fresh new year, don’t delay any longer with getting some great new POS management features into your hospitality venue.

Our showcase features below are sure to launch you into 2017 in a positive way, and give you a extra competitive advance when managing your business to stay ahead of the competition.

BepozOnline – Allowing you to manage your business in places you need it most. No longer are you tied to your office to access the tools you need to operate your venue.  From your Control Desk you can access Snapshots – the Bepoz business summary app, Information Hub – our very own Wiki providing information on operational tasks, Learning Centre with access to training tutorial course videos.  And with new features being developed as we write you’ll be mad not to check it out.

Integrations – We pride ourselves on offering the best POS solution for the hospitality industry and while we excel in our POS software we don’t pretend to offer everything.  If it’s not already part of our own solution such as our loyalty or marketing modules we partner with 3rd parties who specialise in their field to ensure you get the best in offer.

Training – Make it the year to ensure your staff are trained properly on your POS solution.  Beyond the Learning Centre on BepozOnline proper training ensures employees are confident in using the POS, errors will be minimised, queuing time reduced and more time will be spent up-selling.  Call to book your 2017 training session today or stay tuned for our training session schedule.

Snapshots – When you run a venue you can’t afford not to know what’s going on, our new app gives you one touch access to all your summary reports. Once downloaded and set up you can stay in touch with ‘live’ vital statistics from your venue – anytime, anywhere.

So Kick Off 2017 with some great new features to build your business. If you wish to discuss any of these options call on 1300 832 876 or email