Do you want 2018 to be your venue’s year of epic events? Whether you’re operating a café, restaurant, hotel or function space, with these handy event tips, you’ll be on track to making your special events a real hit, both in reality and in the world of social media!

Immersive Selfie Experiences

Did you know that more than half of Aussie Millennials (53 per cent to be exact) have attended an event just so they’ll have something picture-perfect to share on social media?

Well, there’s no reason your restaurant can’t capitalise on the popularity of social media by making your events truly ‘Insta-worthy’.

The perfect example of an interactive selfie experience is the ‘Museum of Ice Cream’, which originally popped up in New York, before opening in San Francisco, LA and even Miami.

But don’t be fooled by the name, this museum isn’t your typical educational experience; instead it’s visually dynamic and creates countless perfect selfie opportunities. Visitors are given the chance to get a quick snap in a pool of sprinkles, a room of popsicles or even at a retro ice creamery bar. After rising to fame in New York, the museum sold 50,000 tickets to its new San Francisco location in just 30-minutes.


While a full-fledge museum might not be on the cards for your restaurant or café, you can still take advantage of this trend by getting creative with your décor and any open/free space you have in your venue.

Step two? Display your food in a creative manner, so people want to come to your establishment not just for great tasting food, but also for photogenic food.

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, it’s great to stick to a theme as well. For instance, a Mother’s Day event pairs well with a high tea or Alice in Wonderland theme, while Australia Day suits more of a relaxed, outdoor event with barbecue-style dishes.

image credit @boysandgirlsfitzroy

Niche Food and Drink

One of the biggest areas for a venue to excel in 2018 is in the food and drink arena. While Aussies will always love a good chicken parma, restaurant-goers are drawn to unique dining experiences, like Tapas bars, American-style diners, and Gatsby-era bars. If you can incorporate different cultures and time periods into your restaurant with authentic décor and rich, flavoursome dishes, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. For instance, if you’re running a pub, have an American diner night once a month, or if you’re in the café scene, hold an exclusive high tea afternoon for VIP ticket holders. Adding an extra level of exclusivity has proven to be an effective marketing technique, especially among Millennials.

By incorporating these trendy event suggestions, 2018 is bound to be your year of successful events! Plus, with an effective point of sale system, you’ll be able to successfully market and manage your busy events. Talk to Vectron about our systems today.