By time the festive season rolls around, you’ll probably notice a natural increase in demand, however, extra steps can be taken to ensure you get the most out of the Christmas rush at your venue – namely, Christmas functions!

Here, we run you through some of the most effective ways to promote your restaurant this festive season.

Get Into Video Marketing
Video marketing is becoming the next big thing. Make a promotional video and share it across your social media networks or even send it as part of your Christmas email marketing campaign.

Have one of your chefs do a cooking demonstration on one of your popular Christmas dishes or do a team video wishing everyone a Happy Holidays. Videos are a great opportunity to add an extra dimension to your marketing efforts while also inserting a bit of personality into your brand. Just make sure you include a link to your booking platform at the end of the video so you can maximise the return on your investment.

Reach Out to Last Christmas’ Patrons
Go through your records from last Christmas and collect any available details you have about your customers from last December. If you have a mailing list of them, send out promotions and EDMs suggesting they book again, or if you only have limited details on-hand, like postcodes, use this information to better target your marketing efforts to relevant customers.

Send Christmas Cards to Your Regular Customers
If you have a mailing list, whether it’s made up of postal addresses or just email addresses, why not send some soft marketing in the form of a Christmas card? Instead of a hard-hitting advertisement posted out to customers or delivered straight to their inbox, send a nice, thoughtful Christmas card that says ‘Happy Holidays’ with a friendly message of Yuletide joy. At the end of the card, you can then include your call to action, encouraging them to book a function or offer them a special deal.

Make Your Christmas Functions Really Stand-Out
At this time of year, everyone starts to advertise their Christmas functions, offering specials and customised catering and entertainment. If you want people to choose your venue’s festive functions over your competitors, you’ll need to make sure your function packages are an event that no one wants to miss out on.

For your functions, arrange for live entertainment, offer a unique menu and drink packages and ensure your event space is beautifully decorated in line with the season’s festivities.
Once you’ve successfully increased demand for your venue, you’ll need to make sure your POS system can keep up. This is where Bepoz comes in. We can assist with the latest, state-of-the-art POS software that will make operating your venue as stress-free as possible, even when you’ve got a full house!

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