POS technology is constantly evolving and updates to software provides better service to your business and your customers, but, only if your team know how to use it.

No matter how good our POS technology gets, using it competently, let alone to its fullest potential, requires proper training. And using your POS incompetently will result in poor ROI.

We are constantly improving POS technology, and extending its functionality. Most users are on an upgrade path that makes these features available to them as they are released. Making the best use of these developments unavoidably requires a short burst of extension training.

Regular refresher training sessions keep your staff current, and ensure that they make use of profit-building features like loyalty programs and upselling that may otherwise be neglected.

At Vectron we strongly believe in the capability of our products to please your patrons and increase your profits. When we deliver a system, we always provide training as part of the package. Because we take the trouble to understand all our customers’ business, our training is tightly focused, but comprehensive. We teach your staff not just what they know they need, but everything they need to maximise the productivity of their work. But that also means that we know that many of our customers, with a little extra training, could be making far better use of our products than they presently do.
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