Introducing a loyalty program is a great way to engage your customers… but a lot of business owners in the hospitality industry seem to miss the mark on this easy promotional tool. Loyalty programs should be enticing people through your doors, and provide benefits for both you and your customers.
Over our 20+ years’ experience servicing the industry, we’ve seen a lot of effective loyalty programs, and have put together this short list of some of the most successful campaigns to increase your loyalty memberships.

10 Creative Hospitality Loyalty Program Ideas

1. Coffee and/or Cake – Not the most creative, but this old classic has proven its worth on enticing return customers. A free coffee and/or cake voucher with any main meal (limited validity) is a sure fire way to get people to drop by again, and experience a different area of your menu.

2. 2 for 1 Meal Offer – Buy one, get one free; or get one half-price. This works well for quite weeknights where you otherwise would not fill tables. Great value for customers, and enticing one new customer in for a meal is still worth it for you, especially after they buy a couple of drinks!

3. Spend and Win – Spend $100 dollars or more (or figure of your choice) and go in the running to win a free meal/bottle of wine… encouraging people to push over the $100 mark, which can often be a mental barrier diners avoid breaking.

4. Wine Appreciation – If a customer buys a bottle of specific wine during dinner, give then a $5.00 discount on a take home bottle from the bottle shop (to be used that day). This is a great way to move excess stock or push a new product.

5. Social Media – offer rewards points for checking in, liking, or posting a picture on social media. You can even develop hashtag trends for the social media savvy… extremely cheap way to increase your digital presence.

6. Personal Happy Hour – A great way to excite regulars… once you spend a certain amount of money that night, your personal discounted drink happy hour kicks in.

7. Out of Town Vouchers – Distribute dinner vouchers to local hotels to include as part of their guests welcome packs. This often works well for single diners, as they feel more comfortable coming to dine alone during their potential business trip.

8. Visitation Rewards – make your regulars feel appreciated, by swiping their cards upon entry to earn rewards points. You can even increase rewards on slow week nights to encourage visitors.

9. Free Kids Meals – a proven popular campaign for family friendly establishments. Limit the free options to your least expensive meals to make, and encourage families to come down for a worthy discount.

10. Combo Deals – you cant go wrong with traditional combinations such as Pot & Parma, Red Wine & Steak, Seafood & Champagne, or Tacos & Margaritas… give the people what they want, and you will start to gather a loyal following.

If these ideas sound great… but you have no idea how to set them up and manage them logistically… that’s where we can help!
These loyalty program ideas are all easily created and managed through Vectron Point of Sale systems, and we encourage existing customers who need advice, or anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on similar benefits, to call Vectron – for the best in hospitality Point of Sales solutions. Email or phone 1300 832 876 to book your free demo.