Mother’s Day the single biggest dining event in the hospitality calendar that spans across breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.  According to Dimmi’s 2016 wrap as patrons we might be last minute planners in terms of bookings but as a restaurant planning is imperative and you need to be prepared.*

Here’s a few trading tips to help ensure the day is a success for business and customers.

Mother’s Day is special so add a little something extra to your offering.  Live music, a rose or a complimentary glass of bubbles or a free dessert, adding value ensures the day is remembered.  You might even look at a few activities for children so mothers can relax and enjoy the dining experience.

Look at locking in your dining seating times, for example offer two dinner sittings at 5.30pm and 7.30pm customers with younger children will love the early booking time.  Bulk seating times can assist the work flow through the kitchen.  In addition to dining times a set menu also allows better management of menu, staff knowledge and stock ordering etc.

From a business point of view make the most of the day, extend your service times. People are out eating and drinking their way through Mother’s Day from dawn until night.  If you normally do lunch and dinner service look at including a brunch, the menu doesn’t have to be completely redesigned but it just extends your ability to service more customers.

Cancellations,  are not good to manage and can decrease your ability to earn.  Perhaps look at applying a cancellation fee when taking the books. It just makes people accountable and less likely to cancel.

With all these great offerings to celebrate Mother’s Day don’t forget to communicate this to your customer base, local community and beyond via EDM, social media or a simple website promotion.

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