Bepoz is serious about it POS and managing Groups or Multi Venues in the hospitality sector doesn’t come lightly and requires a powerful Point of Sale solution. The ability to manage 2 – 200 venues presents many unique operating functions and tools both from a central ie group point of view through to an individual venue.

Key features required from your Multi Venue POS:

Centralised management of all venues from a head office via one single database base. The ability to receive data in real-time, consolidating data analysis, centralised management and simple addition of new venues or terminals. Head Office consolidation allows for groups to be operated identically or as unique venues. Promotions, product creation, standard menus and specials are simple to implement in real-time and push out to all venues or a unique set. Additionally as updates and changes are released these are seamlessly integrated to all venues.

Marketing and Memberships are all inbuilt and have the ability to be rolled-out and monitored from Head Office. Loyalty programs can be consolidated across all venues or run stand alone to individual venues. Similarly with promotions they can be rolled-out across all or individual venues, you could even specify certain geographical location or demographic.

Inventory management from your Head Office location or at your venue level, either way you have a visual on your stock on hand. With PLU free product management the creation of any sort of product is simple and seamless. With automated creation of purchase orders, based on sales performance, stock can either be transferred from within a venue, from another venue or ordered from the supplier.

Reporting and Analytics brings everything together, some of the most powerful inbuilt reporting and predictive analytics can provide everything from a simple overview, down to customised in-depth reporting by store, based on whatever time frame required, reporting on whatever topic needed. Reporting can be coupled with web and app monitoring options.

Additionally automations, customisation, proactive alerts, scalability, advanced integrations and the highest level of security your Multi Venue POS will open up a host of management and operational possibilities.