Marketing Managers beware we are about to give you the PLU free option that will make setting up promotional campaigns, happy hours and any other marketing ideas the easiest part of your job.

Typically to create any sort of product promotion you’d be managing PLU’s, which means manually calculating discounts on each product, tying those products back to parent products and the process goes on and on.

Just think for a minute how many more campaigns you could manage if this process was PLU free and took under 1 minute and was all contained in one back office screen.

Well that’s how Vectron’s POS solution sets up promotions.




1. Enter new product promotion name – Happy Hour
2. Select products, create price, schedule
3. You are ready to sell








A good POS system is meant to take the pressure off venue owners and managers, allowing them to use their time and energy on more important aspects of the business.
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