Here at Vectron, we are at the forefront of embracing exciting technological advancements to enhance the business operations of Hoteliers through innovative POS systems.

Our powerful Vectron POS systems enable hotel and pub owners to consolidate all aspects of their venues operations… from front of house, to stock control, to dining reservations, loyalty programs, and more!

Some of the most popular benefits of our Hotel POS include:

Business Operation Management – convenient integration between an intuitive front of house to back office provides unmatched control over business operations. Management of stock movements, staff activity and cash flow is easier with real time ‘smart’ alerts available from each till – meaning you get alerts on stock discrepancies, or no sales transactions when they happen, not at the end of the day.

Front to Back of House Communication – order-taking relay to the kitchen has never been easier with fully customisable touch screen layouts, with automated upselling and daily specials features. Printing from POS can go to multiple remote devices in kitchen or bar, and is even automatically redirected to another printer if paper runs out.

Dining Table Management – table management options offer features that let staff shuffle, join, split, change table sizes and floor layout for a single area or multiple dining areas… all from the POS terminal. Table service tracking gives the ability to monitor time between courses, waiter visits to table and length of stay.

Promotional Activity – additional programs such as memberships, vouchers, loyalty, and raffles are must have promotional tools for any hotel – helping increase customer loyalty, spend and visitation. These programs are easily managed by creating flexible automated marketing and promotional activities within your POS system, with analysing and reporting tasks giving the ability to track success of all your campaigns.

These are just some of the benefits associated with advanced Point Of Sales solutions from Vectron. To enquire how you can join the hundreds of hotels around the country that are benefiting from our technology, contact Vectron today.