Customer engagement via the digital revolution is now embraced by many venues Australia wide. Internet, online ordering, digital communication, social media all impact how people perceive and experience your brand. Ensuring all channels have the same message in conjunction with in venue experiences is referred to as omni channel marketing.

There are a number of communication channels such as in-person, telephone, website, apps, messaging or texting. All of these channels need to have a consistent message about your venue from branding through to customer experience.

There is also a cycle of engagement such as the
Pre-visit – typically most customers will have research your venue prior to visiting.
On-site – there the research and purchase is done all in the one cycle.
Post-visit – the follow up to gauge their overall sense of satisfaction.

Ensuring all these channels are covered on a coherent manner a venue needs to identify their one of communication ensuring everyone from the front of house even to kitchen staff understand how to interact with customers.

Look at creating a style guide for your venue so everyone understand the grammar and style to be used when communicating with customers.
Get your staff to assist with the dialogue they would like to use so ownership it taken with talking with customers.

Ensure all your staff are trained on the strategy the company is taking and why the company is taking this particular omni channel marketing strategy.

Branding, ensure all branding is consistent it’s an extension of your venue and should reflect it accordingly from websites, apps, print and digital advertising. They should all the same fonts, logos, colours and photos.

Building this customer engagement cycle is part of your business will create a super strong brand. There are some great omni channel resources online to get you going. Just give google a go.