We’ve spoken about Millennials before, how they operate in terms of technology and buying behaviours, but how do you attract this cohort to your venue.   We know the Australian Millennials visit restaurants and cafes more than any other age group, and it looks like Gen Z is keen to follow in their footsteps. Millennials account for one-third of the total foot traffic in Australian restaurants, even though they only make up 23 per cent of the Australian population. It’s also believed that over the last six years, millennials have contributed more growth to the foodservice industry than any other generation.

So, what can you do to attract younger generations to your establishment, allowing you to become the next big thing?

Showcase Live Music
A decent musician or local band playing at a conversation-friendly volume can create welcome energy and attract not just a crowd, but also an audience. Younger generations want to get the whole experience when they eat out, they don’t just want good food, they want a vibrant atmosphere that takes over all of their senses. There’s nothing better than dining in a restaurant that has a fantastic vibe with great tasting and smelling food, great music and  great décor. If you can tick each of these boxes, you’ll find yourself turning people away.

Fundraise for Local or Charities and Organisations and openly Advocate for Issues that Matter to Millennials and Gen Z
Help the homeless; show your support for the LGBTIQ community, or get involved with local fundraising events. Younger generations are really in touch with the world around them, so help them help you make a difference to the world, even if it’s only in a small way.

Know Your Regulars
This works for every age group, and realistically, it’s just good business! Get to know every customer that walks through your doors, but pay close attention to the ones who keep coming back. Greet them by name, offer them their favourite drink and stand back and watch them come back over and over again.

People like to feel important and more often than not, that feeling alone will be enough to get them to come back.

Run Specials on Slow Nights and Never Forget Happy Hour
Run a $20 parma and beer combo on a Tuesday night and have cheap cocktails and beer on tap available for when work knocks off on a Friday afternoon. This is particularly important if you’re in a central or inner city area with lots of office workers nearby. Nothing draws in a crowd like cheap beer and wine after a long week at work.

Have Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free Menu Options Available
Ethical eating is a massive movement among Australia’s younger generations, with millennials making up the largest percentage of the country’s vegans. This stems from a greater understanding of the environmental impacts of meat production, as well as awareness of the impact of meat consumption.

If you don’t offer vegan and vegetarian options, you could potentially be losing out on a significant chunk of business. We’re not saying you should go out and completely transform your menu, just make sure you have at least a couple of options available to vegan and vegetarian customers.

Following these tips and ensuring you have efficient processes and friendly service in place will ensure you’re attracting the right, most profitable kind of customer.

Vectron can help ensure you have the best quality point of sale system installed at your premises. After all, the last thing any millennial wants is to be faced with the prospect of waiting in line to pay when your staff are struggling to make a prehistoric register work.

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