Once upon a time, you could simply put a poster up in your window, and your advertising efforts would be good as done. Nowadays, there’s a little more to it, however, thanks to the invention of digital signage and electronic menu boards, keeping your in-store advertising fresh and interactive is still simple and effective.

Digital menu boards and signage has been heralded the advertising of the future, and has become necessary now that studies have shown that 70% of sensory receptors are located in our eyes, and more than 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is sensory, making visually engaging digital collateral a must!

Plus, you can eliminate any unnecessary costs traditionally associated with advertising, such as printing and distribution expenses.


Make Your Message Clear
A lot of your customers will only glance at your campaign, so to make an impact, try to make sure your digital signage can be absorbed in three seconds or less. Limit yourself to one idea per campaign and keep text to a minimum.


Consider Incorporating Movement
Static content isn’t as appealing as it used to be. Movement is effective at capturing people’s attention, and drawing them in, even if they just catch a glimpse of the screen out of the corner of their eye. To ensure this is executed properly, make sure the graphic layout is balanced and designed well. In this regard, investing in a good graphic designer will be money well spent.


Content is King
No one is going to commit themselves to looking at boring, poorly written or compiled content. Your campaign needs to be visually appealing and relevant. Why not look at incorporating an RSS feed? This will draw your customer’s attention and keep them informed about what’s going on.


Include a Strong Call to Action
You could have the most amazing digital signage with brilliant content and a captivating display, but none of that matters if you don’t encourage your customers to take some form of action after viewing the campaign. A strong call to action will not only add a focus to your display, but it will also give your customer’s direction and better equip you to measure your campaign’s success.


Keep your Signage Relevant
Perhaps one of the more important considerations to make, keeping your signage relevant and up-to-date is essential! For instance, if you’d been running a campaign on strawberry pancakes but have run out of strawberries, switch it up to bananas. This will not only help you keep your product’s moving, but it will also reduce any customer disappointment when they realise you don’t have the product you’ve been actively promoting.


Don’t Forget Good Old Fashion Friendly Service
To increase the overall effectiveness of your campaign, make sure you pair it with good old fashion customer service. Have your staff stand near the entrance and encourage them to direct customers to the bar or their table, while informing them of your specials.


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