Whether you want more foot traffic in your store, more sales, or just want to develop a name for yourself in the Facebook/online community, a successful business page on Facebook will be an invaluable resource for your bakery business.

Largely regarded as one of the best, cheapest platforms for businesses to reach their audiences, and with 1.86 billion active monthly users (and growing), having a presence on Facebook is a must for any business hoping to expand their operations.

But, how can you make a big enough impact on Facebook to compete with the millions of other businesses that are also using the social media platform as a marketing tool?

By following these simple tips, you’ll be on track to generating more user engagement, which, if all goes well, will convert into more bakery sales.

Photos are More Effective Than Text
Research has shown that a vast majority of Facebook users scroll mindlessly through their newsfeeds until something catches their attention. If you post a few lines of text with no image, it will be easy for your post to get lost in the crowd. However, an eye-catching image of a mouth-watering treat or beautifully-crafted cake will make people want to see more.

If you do special occasion cakes, encourage your customers to share photos of their event with you. For instance, a candid snap of a couple cutting their wedding cake, or an adorable photo of a baby smiling at their cake in a cake smash shoot will not only capture the attention of people online, it will also help potential customers get inspiration for their own special occasion.

Facebook users also like to see a little of personality on a business page, so always try to post a few candid staff photos, perhaps when it’s someone’s birthday, or photos of any special events you’re running at your bakery, or that you attend on behalf of your bakery.


Facebook Users Love a Good Video
Have you ever thought about posting a tutorial video? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but a short 30-second clip on how to decorate a cupcake, or how to make a rainbow layer cake can do a lot for your business.

Giving your audience a little insight behind the scenes will help them see how much time and attention goes into creating their favourite treats, it will also help tempt their tastebuds, especially if you post around lunch or afternoon tea time.

Run Promotions/Giveaways on Your Bakery’s Facebook Page
A great way to convert a Facebook follower into a customer is to run a giveaway on your Facebook page.

You might post a giveaway where everyone who likes and shares your page within a certain time period will go in the draw to win a lemon meringue pie, or a dozen freshly baked muffins. The catch is that they have to pick them up in-store. Once they’re in your physical shop, they’ll see what you have on offer, and if they enjoy their freebie enough, hopefully they’ll turn into a repeat customer, and recommend you to their friends.

Invest Some Money in Facebook Advertising
Facebook advertising will increase your reach, and will help make sure your posts are only shown to the people you want to see it. Plus, you can spend as much or as little as you want to boost a post or run a promotion.

For example, say you want to increase your reach on your promotion where one lucky person will win a lemon meringue pie. When boosting your post, you can target your demographic by asking Facebook to only show your post to people who live within a five kilometre radius of your business, women or men within a specific age group – you can even target people with kids or who have shown interest in businesses like yours.

How you target your post is completely up to you! You can even select when you want the post to show and how long you want it to show for each day. If you’re new to Facebook advertising, you can select the automatic option where Facebook will automatically show your post during the most beneficial times to make the most of your advertising budget.

So, what are you waiting for? If your bakery isn’t on Facebook yet, create a free business page today!