At the end of the day we are all about the profit of our venue after all it’s our livelihood. When it comes to profit one of the first ways we look to increase it is to make cut backs. Yes a good idea but not necessarily the best one after all you don’t want to cut back on quality or service do we. Competition is fierce.
So firstly using your Point of Sale solution you should be able to find out what your average customer spend is. So say we have 1000 customers per week and their average spend is $20.00 imagine if we could somehow increase their spending by $1.00, our bottom line would increase three fold.
So here’s a few upselling techniques.

Staff Engagement incentivizes them to upsell.

  • Simple prompted techniques ie would you like another coffee when clearing a table, this all becomes a natural prompt and will have coffee sales on the increase.
  • Teach ‘the nod’ affirmative action. When asking if a customer would like another coffee simply ‘nod’ the head, would you like a large coffee ‘nod’, would you like a side salad with that order ‘nod’ get the idea answer the question for the customer. Easy.
  • Assume a sale – It’s the old open, closed ended question. Lead with a closed-end question. Again would you like a dessert to share or one each, Shall I include a side of fries, another bottle? All while nodding the head of course.
  • Use friendly caring words like ‘share’ ie evoke a nice trust and is not confronting


The key to upselling is product knowledge long with staff training.

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