New and developing technology is driving the concept of customer engagement programs in the hospitality industry. But, given the current proliferation of technology that’s available to hospitality businesses, how can you tell which type is right for your club?
One of the biggest areas clubs and gaming venues are focusing their resources on are loyalty programs. This is because advancements in technology has made it possible for venues to learn more about each of their customers through advanced programs that encompass everything from customised consumer engagement, segmented direct marketing and information delivery, as well as new member acquisitions.

But how do businesses create these programs?

Through data collection and effective point of sale systems. And, if executed properly, these programs can help drive extra customer engagement, while also giving your business a strong return on investment (ROI).

Advanced Point of Sales Systems

Gone are the days of simple cash registers that did nothing more than process a cash transaction and print a receipt. Nowadays, particularly in the hospitality industry, point of sale systems are used for everything, from sales to stock and customer loyalty management and analysis.

An effective point of sale system is extremely important when it comes to collecting data, as sophisticated POS equipment will allow you to integrate third party solutions with your primary POS system to create a streamlined platform for profiling your customers and generating extra consumer engagement.

When data is collected properly, you’ll be able to monitor member activity against non member activity, which will allow you to see where people are spending their time and money, how often they’re visiting your establishment and what they’re spending their money on while they’re there. When you know the answers to each of these points, you’ll be better equipped to drive upwards growth in your business.

Driving Customer Engagement Through Apps

Venues are now able to offer loyalty programs via apps, allowing you to deliver highly targeted, valuable information directly to your customers’ hands, with very little effort. You can even target content around events, promotions, vouchers and bookings, based on your customers’ preferences.

This app-based technology also comes complete with geo-tracking capabilities. This works by targeting a particular geographical area. When a customer enters that area, an automated communication can be sent to them enticing them to visit your venue.

Wi-Fi location services can also provide a similar function. Any Wi-Fi areas that are placed around Gaming, TAB and Bistro venues, and the like, are able to pick up on a customers’ unique smart phone address when they enter the targeted Wi-Fi zone. Data will then be collected that indicates what days they visit and for how long and etc. Do this for a large portion of your visitors and you now know busiest days, dwell times, movement patterns and etc.

This data can also be cross-checked with your POS loyalty database to help drive even more customer engagement, and to prompt non-members to sign up.

CCTV Footage and Customer Engagement
Did you know that CCTV footage could also be used to increase customer loyalty and retention?

CCTV number plate recognition software can be used to track customer behaviour and target communication directly towards the vehicle’s owner, especially prior to them entering the venue.

Your POS system can link all of these customer engagement channels and make your venue’s customer retention and loyalty stronger.

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