Running a Club with members and memberships and every other aspect creates a highly challenging operating environment. Club management in particular often requires multiple software solutions, but in today’s world of streamlining and optimizing, minimising the number of software packages and integrations is preferential.

With Vecton’s POS solution all your POS and Club membership is integrated into one customisable package. All completely designed to give optimal management to your business from the bar and gaming, through to membership renewals.

We understand that members and memberships are important and should have privileges.

User Friendly
One central POS database gives you transparency to all areas of your venue, greater reporting capabilities and all live up-to-the-minute. Flexibility and customisation is created through task automation that will reduce administrative time and expense.

Membership Programs
Interactive marketing and promotional activities will ensure customer loyalty is built and maintained. Programs can be created and automated as to when they commence and finish. Marketing can be targeted to a specific customer profile ensuring successful promotions.
Imagine the benefits to your business with features such as vouchers, discounts, anniversaries or birthdays, through to electronic tee sheets, competitions and handicaps.

Membership Options
Memberships are customised by type – Platinum, Silver and Life – they are easily identified and can have unique discounts, rewards or pricing levels attached. Members can use their cards to charge purchases, pay levies or subs and add loyalty points on their venue spend including gaming.

The benefits to your members and administration alike are just unbeatable.

Vecton Club POS management will keep your patrons coming back with inbuilt loyalty programs and membership management and is fully integrated with Golf Computer Systems (GCS).